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  • Marcus Latief Scott "Dance Dance Dance"
  • Aaron P Nelson "Freak On The Floor"
  • HALEM "Ghost"
  • Pariis Opera House "DRAGNDROP"
  • Joseph Martin Feat. Sauce "Rock Freak"
  • Mickey Cupid "We Only Care About The Weekend"
  • David Shane "Feel Your Love"
  • Pariis Opera House "Your Body, My Tune"
  • Dani Poppit "Got My Back"
  • Pariis Opera House "Innocent"
  • John Galea "MQ Slave To The Music (Voc)"
  • Lipstick Killer "All On My Grind"
  • Majix "Burn It Up"
  • Fotonovela "Hammer"
  • Lady Been Cold "So Thirsty"
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